Urban Ecology

We are well aware of the fact that our cities are averse to the existence of bio-diversity, even geo-diversity. For many decades now, the destructive ecology of cities has troubled those concerned about the environment. The term ecology refers to a complex of checks and balances that govern the environment, the process of urbanization creates disturbances in this ecology with such momentum and randomness that it is difficult for new checks and balances to emerge. This is why we witness ecological degradation. This degradation of ecology results in a degradation of the quality of everyday life itself. All of us may not know the particular factors that result in this degradation, but all of us do have an intuitive understanding of the process. This roundtable will bring together actors who have been dedicated to addressing the problems of ecological degradation and will try to provoke a discussion on the action points that the current situation demands. What are the ways in which we can act? Research, documentation, sensitization are all essential tasks. But there must also be campaigns and conscious dedication to make a difference through new everyday practices.