Photo Exhibitions by Vedya Rao Gandra

Vedya Rao Gandra, a photographer from Hyderabad, will be putting up two photo exhibitions at Do Din 2014!


Automobiles in City Slums

On the edges of the elitist Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is the city’s largest slum, Jawahar Nagar. The fancy fleet of automobiles on its main roads assume a different role, form, meaning in this slum- the spoils of accidents, the chained vehicles that speak insecurity, the pride of owners shown in the ornamentation of two wheelers and autos. These vehicles speak so much about the inequality in the city s life, even within a radius of couple of kilometers.


On the Edge – Golconda Fort

These photographs speak of the precarious state of the world heritage site of Golconda fort in Hyderabad. The delicate state of the structures are ready to crumble down anytime. A symbol of the history and culture of the of Deccani region needs to be protected. The doorway that fell down recently is a sign of what will be left if immediate action is not taken in conserving and preserving Golconda Fort.

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City Address - Art Installations

Art Installations addressing the issues of the city by four artists. This is an ‘Art for Change’ initiative ,curated by Avani Rao Gandra for ‘Do Din’ 2014


Food On My Plate by artist Avani Rao Gandra

Green Bangles by artist Nirmala Biluka

Time Lapse in Urban Life by artist Pavan Kumar D

City – Heard & Unheard Sounds by artist Ravi Kumar

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Photo Exhibition - Recreational Spaces

In many cities around the world, areas are set aside for the purpose of recreation i.e., diversion, play or reflection. There is a profound lack of such spaces in most Indian cities, and what designated spaces exist are not easily accessible – either they are built to accommodate commercial requirements (malls, cafes, etc) or they do not consider the comfort or even safety of a large number of citizens.

With the basic human need to engage in recreational activity frustrated, most people have to resort to innovation (aka jugaad) to satisfy their needs. In this series, we see people with limited means adapting themselves to a more limited environment; those with sufficient numbers reclaiming certain unused spaces for the purpose of recreation and of course those who can afford to can simply include it in their living spaces.

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