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Intipanta Meeting at Do Din 2014

ThisĀ  meeting will highlight a new phenomenon in Hyderabad and in many Indian cities – urban agriculture. Many families in cities are turning to rooftop and kitchen gardens as a way to produce vegetables and other necessary food items on a small scale. These urban agriculturists often from middle class families and living in the concrete jungle find such home based food production to be contributing their quality of life. They have also been communities of practice – networks through which techniques and resources are passed on.

As a part of the Do Din weekend event a for all the gardening enthusiasts workshop is being coordinated by the enthu cutlet members of INTIPANTA – Organic Kitchen/Terrace Gardening

2.00 -3.00pm : Intro & Pest Management by Raja Shekar, Prog. Manager Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

(focus of this workshop is on growing food!!! in our urban gardens)

3.00pm : Demo on Home Composting by Yash Sultania, An avid gardener with an experience of 20years into flowers and bonsai.

Followed by Seed Swap (we hope to share some of the open pollinated varieties)


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